The loyal and valued guests of Avaton Luxury Beach Resort are in the heart of our philosophy. This is why we have put together a number of wellness services to create a heightened experience that every visitor could enjoy.

We have created the perfect haven for a blissful body and soul retreat in our luxury rooms, suites and villas in Halkidiki, Greece, a location of high tranquility and extreme natural beauty, protected by NATURA 2000. The deep sense of calm and spirituality of Holy Mount Athos along with our carefully curated wellness program will help ease your mind, body, and soul, indulging you in a state of complete relaxation that will help you feel better physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

In our luxury beach resort, we try to enhance guests’ experience through our wellness philosophy, L’Art de Vivre (also called the Art of Living Well). We base this philosophy on four pillars: Treat to Rejuvenate and Exercise in this blessed natural environment where the resort is located, Eat Well and Sleep Well. Your participation in these programs maximizes the benefits of your stay experience at Avaton Luxury Beach Resort.

As one of the top resorts that focus on personal well-being, we have partnered with Relais & Châteaux to offer you exclusive services and refined hospitality for your luxury vacation in Greece.



Visit the Euphoria Wellness & Beauty Beach  cabana to relax with personalized massage and body rituals. Enjoy facial treatments by Sothys Paris, one of the world’s leading cosmetic brands.



Enjoy your yoga session on our pristine beach or while floating on water, under the shade of Holy Mount Athos. Meditate in our gardens overlooking the sparkling Aegean Sea or experience a sunset meditation in our idyllic bay. Exercise with a personal fitness coach to tone you body, detox, improve your stamina and sleep.

Eat well

The healthy, balanced and nutritious options of our restaurant menu, based on seasonal and local production, will help you cleanse and detox while flooding your pallet with delicious flavors. Our commitments towards the sustainability of our food suppliers is also part of the wellness of the planet where we all live in.

Sleep well

Our hand-crafted mattresses and pillows are here to offer you a wonderful morning awakening. Their composition of natural materials create the ideal conditions for peaceful and productive sleep. The carefully planned lighting design and the silent natural environment where the sound of the sea and the night birds could only be heard will lull you and optimize your sleep experience.